Which Type of Garage Door Style Is Right for Your Home?

Your home’s garage doors are one of the first things visitors, neighbors, and friends see, so choosing the right residential garage door style is an essential part of making sure your new door matches the aesthetic you’re trying to create for your property. Thankfully, there are as many types of garage doors out there as […]

Common Garage Door Opener Problems — and How to Troubleshoot Them

If you’ve had the opportunity to live in areas where you had to find street parking and a home with a garage, you know how convenient it can be. Avoiding the hassle of finding a parking spot while all your neighbors come home is beautiful, but you’ll be right back at square one if your […]

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door

We depend on our garages for a lot — they protect our cars from inclement weather; they become a catch-all for our infrequently used belongings; they often double as a laundry room or gym; and they provide extra security. Because we rely on them so much, they need to be equipped with a highly functioning […]