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A residential garage door isn’t something you probably think about often, but if your garage door is damaged or is the wrong type for your home, it can be a nuisance or worse. While every home comes with its own garage door, it’s rarely something to be considered and purchased separately. Thankfully, you can leave the hard work to us, and we’ll come out and install a garage door that you can be proud of without the burden of having to manage a complicated DIY project that might never get done.

When you’re in the market for a residential garage door, believe it or not, there’s a lot to consider. Doors can be made out of aluminum, wood, steel and composite materials that all have different strengths and weaknesses, and each gives a different feel to your home, so decisions should be made carefully. For most homes, the garage is the most noticeable part of the facade of your home, and a mismatched door sends the wrong message to your neighbors as well as your family.

Aluminum and metal garage doors are great for humid, corrosive environments that would make short work of a poorly-finished, traditional wood door. They can also be much lighter than other types of doors and contain insulation for colder climates. Wood doors are a popular choice for naturalists, though they can also be the most problematic, especially if they’re not sealed or made from moisture-resistant cedar, redwood or cypress. They’re great for when you want an ornate look, but simpler or minimal designs are best left to other materials. Steel garage doors give the widest array of color options and insulation, and they run the gamut from single-layer slabs to a multi-layer, insulated door. Finally, composite doors round out the options, and they can be made to look just like wood without the risk of rot, splitting or cracking of the more natural alternative.

For more about how we can help you with your problematic or damaged residential garage door, contact the experts at Howell Door.

Garage doors are now available with many different design options to complement your home. As one of the home improvements with the best return on investment, you can rest assured that boosting your curb appeal will reap dividends. From traditional metal and wooden garage doors to carriage house doors and custom garage doors, Trust Howell Door Company to repair or install your garage door.

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Love the look of wood, but not the maintenance? Challenge Eden Coast with your design or choose from their extensive catalog.
If you are looking for custom or semi-custom doors- look no further. Enlist Everite Door Company to craft the custom design of your choice with a variety of wood options and designs.
Garage Door Openers
We offer LiftMaster garage door openers and accessories.
We stock three different LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Models:



Secure ViewTM Smart Garage Opener with Built-in Camera, LED Corner to Corner LightingTM System, Battery Backup, Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive®


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We refer to garage doors taller than 8’ as commercial and will service doors up to 12’ in height. Contact us if you are experiencing any of the issues below or would like to schedule general service.

Interested in a new commercial garage door? Some residential models are available in commercial sizes or refer to the commercial brochure below for traditional steel commercial options.