About Us

About Us

History of our company

At Howell Door, we install the garage doors and openers from the most trusted manufacturers in our industry. Our goal is to deliver a quality product and unmatched service at a fair price to every customer we serve in the Greater West Chester area and along the Main Line. With the kind of service that can only come with generations of expertise, Howell Door is poised to handle any garage door installation or garage door opener service project.

Working with Howell Door you can expect only the best products and service with the highest level of expertise for your garage door and opener needs. As a grandson of one of the founders of the original, “Howell-Dor,” I am proud of the name built by my grandfather, Harry Brennan. You can rest assured that you are working with a company with over 75 years in the industry.

Howell Door is a family-owned local business that supports the local economy and helps local families here in the Greater West Chester area. We have a proud tradition going back generations and that sets us apart: we have a name to live up to, and we take that very seriously. When you’re buying a Howell Door, you’re not just buying a garage door; you’re buying a legacy. That legacy has been built on decades of customer satisfaction, quality products, and repeat service from happy customers.

We at Howell Door pride ourselves in helping families live better lives. Garage doors may seem like a little part of the big scheme of things, but we believe that if we can do one thing and do it very very well, we will be able to lift hearts and ease worries. Getting a Howell Door is getting peace of mind, and though a garage door can’t take away all of your worries, not having a good garage door can cause a great deal of headache and frustration–not to mention a lack of security and safety to yourself, your home, and the life of your family.

And so we will continue our tradition of locally owned garage door business, as long as there are Howells who will carry the torch. We’ve made this into more than a business, but into a calling, and we’re proud of who we are and what we have achieved–and we have no intention of stopping any time soon.