General Maintenance

As a family owned garage door company since 1939, we have serviced many garage doors and openers.  Our experts can quickly diagnose the problem and make the repair efficiently, saving you valuable time and money.

Is your garage door experiencing any of the following issues?

  • broken extension spring (spring on either side of the door)
  • garage door won’t open
  • garage door won’t close
  • broken torsion spring (spring above the door opening)
  • broken hinge/roller/pulley
  • broken or frayed cable
  • garage door opener hums but doesn’t engage the door
  • damaged or bent section
  • remote and/or keypad not functioning

The life span of garage doors and openers varies. Regular maintenance will increase their longevity. If your garage door is 20+ years, a replacement instead of a repair may be a more cost effective option. The same advice applies to garage door openers when they reach 15+ years.

If you are handy and have the inclination, take a look at the videos below for some helpful tips before scheduling a service call.

Garage Door Opener won’t close and the wall button has to be held to allow the door to close

Instructions for changing the battery in the remote (follow instructions for programming if you successfully change the battery)

Instructions for programming the remote control

Instructions for changing the battery and programming the wireless keypad